Items Needed at Application
Purchase and/or Refinance Transactions


No screen shots or photos of documents. All documents must be scanned and sent over or photo copied.

• Most current paystubs for all borrowers (Covering the last 30 days)

• Last two years tax returns (if self employed for business as well)

• For Self employed we must see all schedules

• Last two years’ W2s

• Last two months’ bank statements on accounts (all Pages)

• Most current retirement account statement (all Pages)

• Last two years 1099’s for IRA or Annuity distributions

• Social Security Award Letter – if applicable

• Pension Award Letter – if applicable

• Homeowner’s Insurance information (refinance)

• Copy of driver’s license

• Copy of purchase and sale agreement if available (purchase only)

• Any divorce paperwork (if applicable)

• If newly married within the last 6 months, a marriage certificate is required

• Current rental company information; or if private party, 12 months’ cancelled checks

• Proof of source of funds for down payment. i.e., bank statement, or a gift letter.

• Any bankruptcy paperwork (if applicable) or foreclosure or short sale paperwork (if applicable)

• Current mortgage statement if refinancing

• DD214 for VA loans

• If you own a rental property, a copy of the lease and a mortgage statement is required

If you have any questions about these required documents, please feel free to contact me!